Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays...
...And prosperous luck in 2014 and beyond.  I realize I have been delinquent in keeping my site up to date but the token winter head cold and some nasty whiplash from a car accident will sorta do that to a gal, ya know?  Anyway, I am fine and have been divorcing myself from painting and instead, drawing.  I will leave some recent (but not December 2013 recent) drawings for you to view and do my best to have fresh material up soon!

More Soon!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Upcoming Events...
December Dreams at the Coliseum near the Farmers Market in Thunder Bay, ON, this Saturday, December 7th 9am-5pm and Sunday, December 11am-4pm.  I am selling everything I have managed to create in the past year and a few pieces from yesteryears in hopes that I will not just break even, but also manage to pay for art supplies and my marketing materials, as well.  LOL 

Starving artist, indeed...

Anything left will be up for private sale!
See y'all at the Coliseum!
An Artful Coffee Shop Experience...
So a good pal of mine, who is a mandolin player, received a Tree Sticker from me a year ago and as it's on her mandolin case...well, it has taken quite a beating.  So I refurbished it for her and here is the progression!


The lighting was terrible and the sticker stock is shiny but I think you can get a feel for the before and after.
More Soon!