Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm A FilmMaker...
Yep, you read it correctly.  I have now produced two (very) amateur videos.  The first was a test video to see how Windows Movie Maker works and the second was the first in a series I am calling "Cats and Art".  It is essentially to share with the world all the is the wonder and glory of my new sons, George and Seamus.  They are the handsomest cats in life and who knew?  I, Cat Free, would end up being a cat lover.  I grew up with dogs and rodents...isn't that kind of the opposite of cats?  LOL 

Anyway, my new favourite hobby is trying to capture some hilarious moments that George and Seamus can't help but produce and let me just say, I'm failing horribly at it.  It's almost as though the men KNOW I am filming them and in response, seldom do anything but look at each other or clean themselves on camera.  I SWEAR they are way more charismatic and hilarious than what has, thus far, been portrayed! 

Check out my YouTube Channel at ArtByCatFree:


And here is the video of Seamus' world debut on the WWW!!!


More Artist Features and Art Updates soon!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Or my oldest friend in the world, creative mind and genius, Mandy Osipenko.  Since we were kids, Mandy has had a creative mind like no other I've seen and believe me, scatterbrain is not a negative comment.  It's just how her creativity works.  Growing up, I saw 50% or so of her imagination come to life and many other projects fizzle because her mind simply doesn't allow her to focus on one project and allow that focus too see the vision come to fruition.  Fact. 

Anyway, in the past 5 or 6 years or so, Mandy has been an idea mill like no other on the planet.  She has created several doll prototypes and one, her bunny line was sold to the Electric Fetus.

She has also gotten into various other creative projects that may not necessarily be seen as artistic projects per se, but are indicative of what this woman is capable of none-the-less.

Derby Sprouts, Mandy's baby, is a non-profit organization that helps blossoming leagues through everything; setting up their board to insurance, rules & regs and more:

She has written a Roller Derby Survival Guide for brand new leagues (on which I illustrated some stuff) and it's available at http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1913207:

After single-handedly creating and organizing the Blood Spill on the Hill, Eastern Canadian Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Finals last year, she became a part of what is now known as RDAC- Roller Derby Association of Canada and was a part of the merge that took place.  She is now the President of RDAC.  For more information about how you can join or contribute to RDAC:


And because sometimes we all need someone to stand up for us, Mandy partnered with a Derby pal and started Blockers Not Bullies; an advocacy to stop lateral violence/bullying amongst Roller Derby players.  For more information:


These are just a handful of Mandy's contributions to the art world as well as the sport of Roller Derby.  I just found out a few days ago that Mandy is now creating and selling hilarious hats.  Check out her store at:


Pretty awesome stuff!!...
I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of my friend's enormous brain, I know I did.  LOL  For more Mandy, check out her blog at Little Geek Lost:


More Soon,


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back From The Rock...
We made it home safe and sound from Live from the Rock Folk Festival, 10th Anniversary Year!  It was way more chill and lax than I had anticipated it being so my nerves settled nearly immediately.  I had the privilege of sharing a booth with Ellie Cooper, Seamstress Extraordinaire! 

And here is what my section of our booth looked like:

From my sketchbook during the weekend:

More Soon, I Promise :)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Live From The Rock Folk Festival...
At long last, this artist has seen some luck.  I have been invited to join a table as an artisan at the Live from the Rock Folk Festival.  I am so fortunate for things to have changed in my favour at the last minute and I am now able to accompany the love of my life to such an interesting and fun-filled festival. 


Advanced Tickets are no longer available but it's $70.00 at the gate for a weekend pass, children under 4 are free and children over 4 are $5.00.  Check the website for more details.

What Am I Selling?
Y'all know me well.  I will be selling sticker prints of an original that the owner lent for reprint, magnets, pins, hand-drawn stickers and a few other selected art pieces:

More Soon...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Newest Works...
This is a small set of trees that I finished recently...

More Soon...