Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy New Year!
A little late, I realize.  Well the new year is already shaping up to be a big one!  I've already signed up for the Women's Expo (tentative upon fee payment), I am planning a Y-Art Sale in mine own neck of the woods and there is word that Thunder Games & Gifts ( will be hosting a Craft and Art Show in their new even space!  Stay tuned for updates on all of that.

The Christmas Season and Start of the New Year...
The Ladies' Gala at the Wayland was a success, even without and very big turn out this year.  I finished only one large commission over the holidays and I think it turned out well...a lone Dragonfly for the spouse of a pal from work and met some new people (other local business owners and crafters).  I am also going to be the feature artist at Thunder Games and Gifts from February 1-15th this year!

That stands for Works-In-Progress for you artsy newbs out there.  I am working on recovering a plastic guitar I found at a second hand shop from a children's video game console and turning it into a wall hanging for some talented musician's studio/jam space (though I have someone in mind, it's open for sale).

Recent Works and Showings...
Louise Thomas' Ahnisnabae Art Gallery ( is now carrying 20 new small pieces in addition to some older small pieces and art print cards!  Go down and have a look (now on Court St.)

Thunder Games and Gifts, also recently stocked a bunch of these miniature framed art prints

In addition to this, I have been playing around with some different techniques out of drawing guides etc.

The native themed ornaments were a last minute addition to my mom's roster of Xmas gifts...

Old Style, New Works....
Of course, my favourite things to draw and the style I'm becoming most well-known for...some art WIPs and some finished and signed.  These are all apart of my private collection but may, someday, be made into art prints.

More Soon!


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