Thursday, June 9, 2022

Pandemic Madness and the Hereafter...2022


Well that was a wild 2+ years... I thought I would use the time in lockdown to catch up on my art life and business and I instead got caught up in the chaos of an unhealthy relationship, selling my home that did not end up selling, and just trying to survive, like most of us, in the face of so much uncertainty.  The two years that followed my last post, I finished 2 summers and 2 full academic years in my social work undergrad and made a few personal and professional changes.  Go check out ART by: Cat Free on Facebook and @artbycatfree on Instagram for some updates on my art and life.  

The Biggest Change...

I think the biggest change to my work is that I want to start pouring myself into work that I love once again.  I think I worried so much about turning my artwork into a business that I spread myself too thin in many directions and I have decided to stop that.  From here on out, I draw, paint, and sculpt what makes me happy and if it sells, it sells.  If it doesn't, well I suppose it will be fine to have work that I love hanging around my home from here on out.  

Many Apologies...

So many apologies to anyone who has made attempts to follow my website over the past couple of years.  Social media is where I keep the most up-to-date content that I produce.  I will refrain from making any promises that cannot keep as a student but I will say this, thank you for your loyalty over the past decade and a half (for some of you, far longer).  


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