Thursday, September 6, 2012

It Ain't Easy...
I have come to realize that starving artist is beyond the truth LOL.  It would be so easy to get discouraged about being "unsuccessful" but I suppose it matters more how each one of us views success.  Surprisingly, I haven't had my feelings hurt but people who don't like my work; caring not likely stems back to the thing my dad always used to say to me when some jerk would say something that could be taken as hurtful, he'd say, "Consider the source."  Well isn't that the truth.  If we all considered the source, perhaps we'd all have much greater self esteem and much more faith in the work we produce. 

I Will Tell You...
What I'm not...I am not a photo-realist artist nor am I an abstract artist in the strictest sense.  I am not always happy with the way shows turn out and I am not the kind of artist who works for free.  What I AM, however, is determined to someday make a living of my creativity.  I am sure that will happen.  I am sure that I love being an artist and the people who support my vision.  I am sure that if a bunch of us fringe artists band together, we will eventually take the art world by storm.  I am the type of artist who draws, paints, creates what strikes me and lets the medium tell me what it wants me to do.  Much like the art of cooking, I let the ingredients tell me what they want me to do with them. 

Some Examples...
Often, I draw something I find challenging and it turns out far better than I could have anticipated so I take it farther; colour, texture, paint, ink, shading...whatever.  Some examples of this would be the work I do in watercolour and ink.  It's really the most planned of all all of my artwork and I mean planned in the sense of they all start out as a pencil drawing and are then transformed by ink, watercolour, marker and the like.  These medium choices allow me to play with light and dark, shadow, shading and what is visually grasping.


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