Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dying To Have Cool Swag???
But can't wait for the finishing of my online store....?  Great news, you don't have to.  I opened a small Cafepress Shop with cool Art By: Cat Free swag that you won't have to wait for!

The merchandise being sold at Cafepress will be completely different from the one-of-a-kind works, unique artwork, artist prints, sewn items and more being sold at:

Cafepress items, so far, include: sweatshirts, t-shirts, stickers, earrings, necklaces, flip flops and more. will be carrying hand-crafted items like one-of-a-kind stickers, magnets, pins, dolls, artist kits, paintings, stationary, multi-media pieces, E-books, collaborative projects and more alongside artist prints, custom framing and feature artists!

Here's a sample of one of the items on Cafepress:

It's a Throw Cushion adorning my original artwork!

More Soon!


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