Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Series And More...
I started working on a small series of four over the weekend:

....And am hoping to hang it at Do or Dye Salon here in town.  In other news, interest is starting to pick up at my Cafepress shop:


...as I have been posting new items daily.  There is everything from blankets to IPhone cases to necklaces to clothing.  My central store at:


...is still under construction but my website guy, Jackson at Post Idol Media, is one of the best in the business.  I am looking very forward to some awesome updates any minute.  Y'all will hear it here first as soon as it's up and running. 

Art By: Cat Free Dot Com...
This new venture will include original journals and sketchbooks from my collection that are up for sale and/or auction and will also feature original works, prints and all sorts of cool original and printed items.  I am available for small or large commissions including paintings, drawings, sets of note cards and invitations (wedding, birthday etc.), tattoo concept drawings, decorations (sets of ornaments for decoration or Christmas etc.) 

For the most part, the store will allow for easy shopping.  PayPal is the main route of payment, however, if Customer Service is contacted one could also pay with a Canadian Money Order (order will be shipped once payment is received by mail) or Email Money Transfer.  These routes must be discussed with Customer Service first. 

More Soon...


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